To create a global app that will link to a database of known cetacean strandings. The database will be fully accessible to the public and scientists looking to correlate stranding incidents. ​

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Dolphins and whales face increasing threats from human-related activities.


Every dollar will go towards funding the development of an international app.

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Network Goals & Promise

To find solutions for whale and dolphin strandings, scientists need more data.


One way to achieve this is through the creation of an app that allows anyone with a smart phone to take photos of stranded whales and dolphins they find.


Ordinary citizens can document the stranding of any whale or dolphin and submit it to an international database of strandings.


This project involves the development of the app, meaning it does not replace/encroach on existing stranding response teams.


This international tool will instead be designed to bring these groups together. The ultimate goal is a stranding database that anyone can access, particularly scientists, for research purposes.


Once this project is completed, it will be turned over to an international, non-governmental group to manage.


y to achieve this is Othe creation of an app that can catalog photos of stranded whales and dolphins, wodwide.